Do you sell skull stuff? Would you like to reach a bigger audience? 
While we're always happy to feature original skull art on Skull-A-Day, we encourage people who have businesses that sell skull products to reach out to our audience in a more direct way by offering a giveaway. Not only do contest posts get greater interaction from the audience, but you get additional promotion via reminder mentions on the blog/Facebook/Twitter/Google+.

The Details:
  • You agree to give away at least 1 item and send at least 1 item to the staff of Skull-A-Day (keep in mind the higher the value of the prize, the more people will participate).
  • You provide the details & images and we make a post about the contest with a 1 week deadline for participation. You will have a chance to review the details of the post before it goes live.
  • We promote the contest on our various networks and offer you space for a small ad on our sidebar during the course of the giveaway (you must create this ad yourself).
  • We send you the shipping information of the winning fan at the end of the contest and you mail out the items to us & them. It's your choice if you want to ship internationally or just in the US.
  • While not required, we also encourage you to offer a small discount to entice our readers to shop with you during/after the contest. We will mention the discount in all of our contest promotions.
You can see some examples of previous giveaway promotions HERE and HERE.

Why is Skull-A-Day the place for you to do your promotion?
Skull-A-Day is one of the most well-known craft/art blogs on the Internet. It has attracted an incredibly diverse, truly global audience since it began in June of 2007 and new people are discovering it every day. Appealing equally to fans of DIY crafting as well as folks interested in the goth, metal, punk subcultures the site receives an endless stream of submissions of unique artwork from young children to grandparents. In addition, people are continually discovering the project through the book Skulls, published by Lark Books, as well as regular appearances, talks & workshops by the project’s creator Noah Scalin, including a segment on the Martha Stewart Show. Noah's books 365: A Daily Creativity Journal and Unstuck (and the accompanying blog Make Something 365 & Get Unstuck) have also brought an entirely new audience to the site.

If you'd like to participate in our promotions program contact us at:

Keep in mind we will only run one contest at a time, and weekly slots are available on a first come, first served basis, so don't wait to get in touch!